Find The Best Restaurants In Manassas, VA

Manassas is a beautiful small town, located in Northern Virginia, mostly known as a historic place which served as a battleground for many major battles of the American Civil War. If you are planning a vacation, you should definitely consider visiting Manassas. Apart from being a beautiful historic site where you can learn about American history and culture, a place where you can test your wild side, it is also a suburban hub where you can try out some of the most amazing local dishes. If you love ethnic and local cuisine, this is the right place for you. Take a look at some of the most popular restaurant in this town and their offers.

Katerina’s Greek Cuisine

If you love Mediterranean food, you should definitely try out Greek food. Olive oil, fresh herbs and spices are something they frequently using in reparation of their meals.  If you are visiting, you should start your meal with a fresh seafood bruschetta. We also recommend the famous chicken souvlaki or a rack of spicy, tender lamb as an entree. If you really love seafood, you can also try the octopus. No matter what you opt for, you will be enjoying high-quality and authentic food. The surroundings are comfy and dimly lit, making you feel like you are enjoying a beautiful meal in the center of Athens.

The Bone

If you are looking for simple, delicious and juicy barbecue, then the Bone in Manassas is the right choice for you. If you love to eat meat and if you enjoy barbecuing with your friends during the weekends, you must try the Bone’s pulled pork, brined and smoked turkey, smoked chicken or the famous Angus beef brisket. If you decide to visit this restaurant, there is no way you will leave with an empty stomach. If you love the combination of hot and spicy barbeque and a cold beer, you can choose from a variety of crafted beers that will perfectly pair with your comfort meal. All meat can be ordered on their own or in combo, so try coming up with your own unique meaty combination.

Malones of Manassas

This restaurant is very interesting for every visitor because it is located in a building that used to serve as a church. It i in the heart of the Old Town, so there is no way you can miss it. This is fine dining restaurant that serves contemporary dishes, but loves combining their meals with traditional ingredients. All their ingredients are fresh and of highest qualities. Their staff is very polite, and they will gladly come to your aid if you can’t decide what to order. When visiting, besides food, make sure you try one of their cocktails. This is fine dining establishment, so it is perfect for a first date, romantic dinner, birthday and any other special occasion.

Zandra’s Taqueria

If you love Mexican food, this is the right place for you. Start your meal by ordering tortilla chips served with different salsas. You can also try out some of their sweet salsas. Next, you should try their tacos that are served with chicken bacon ranch, shrimps or bison. Fried green tomatoes complement tacos in a very good way.  Apart from delicious food, you will also enjoy their festive atmosphere. Pair everything with margaritas or make your own by selecting a tequila, floater, and house mix.

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