Best Restaurants in Leesburg To Visit While in Town

Leesburg VA is a very historical city, and you know that if you have been there. If you haven’t been there, then you will be enamored over the entire experience. The restaurants aren’t just a sideshow and places to eat, as you are going to enjoy those just as much. Get ready to find out more information about five of the top restaurants in Leesburg, Virginia and why you want to visit all of them.

If you don’t have time to stop by all of them, that’s fine. You will hopefully benefit from this list of five great restaurants in Leesburg. First up is MELT Gourmet Cheeseburgers. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m just happy finding a good cheeseburger when out and about. Looking at the picture of one of the cheeseburgers at this place, it appears that this could be one of the best. Located on East Market Street, this restaurant serves up its cheeseburgers on homemade buns.

Tuscarora Mill is up next, and this restaurant is found on Harrison Street Southeast. This is a brunch spot featuring menu items like steak, trout, salad and corn chowder. Browsing one review quickly, I saw that the person raved about the dessert. So, this place might be one of those places where you want to save room for dessert.

Then there is Blue Ridge Grill, and you can find it on Edwards Ferry Road. This place is a beautiful place for brunch, too, and they also serve steak. You can also have crab cakes, ribs and much more. One reviewer says that there are three locations for this restaurant in different cities, and Leesburg VA is, of course, one of those cities.

Maybe You Just Want To Grab Some Really Good Pizza

It is time for pizza next, and Fire Works Pizza is the place. It is located on Harrison Street Southeast, and people seem to love the pizza there. One reviewer mentioned lamb sausage as a topping, and they said that the specialty pizzas, in general, were all very good. It is also mentioned that there are unique appetizers. It sounds like a good pizza place to me.

Leesburg Public House is the fifth pick for this list, and it is found on Edwards Ferry Road. It’s a good spot to get a burger and fries but also, get this, shrimp tacos and bacon popcorn. Are you ready to find out what bacon popcorn is all about right now? One other great menu item is Chesapeake crab dip. It seems to me that you can pretty much expect to find all kinds of unique and tasty dishes at this establishment.

That last place has so many unique foods and burgers, so it definitely has my attention. Which of the five has your attention? All of them were great picks, and now it is time to enjoy them. These Leesburg VA restaurants would love to have you and yours as a guest, and hopefully, you feel that kind of hospitality everywhere as you travel in the historical city of Leesburg.

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