Fall in Love With The Culture Of Leesburg

Are you ready to read about all the great things there are to do in Leesburg, Virginia? It is a beautiful place to visit with a variety of different attractions to choose from. Let’s look at five of them, so you can get a good feel of what awaits you. One travel site, there are 80 attractions listed in Leesburg VA, so this list of five places is going to help you have the best time.

Historical White’s Ferry is one place to visit, and it is on the Potomac River in Montgomery County. You can get a round trip, so it is an easy adventure to enjoy. According to one reviewer, it is an affordable adventure, too, which of course is great on vacation. There are all kinds of moments to spend extra money. But riding on a ferry peacefully across the Potomac taking in the view and not having to pay much sounds like a plan.

Oatlands Historic House and Garden is up next, and it is located on Route 15. The gardens there are said to be beautiful, and this is an attraction that is related to the Civil War. According to reviews, you can have afternoon tea there, too, and there is a gift shop. Also, when it comes to touring the property itself, you do get a tour guide.

Morven Park is the third featured attraction, and it is found on Southern Planter Lane. This attraction is also related to the Civil War. This is a mansion with much history. I mentioned in another article about restaurants in Leesburg that this city is full of history. Now the history comes out in each attraction. There is diversity though, but it is just undeniable how much history is in Leesburg.

Stone Tower Winery is the fourth attraction I will feature, and it is located on Hogback Mountain Road. This place has the look, for sure, if you know what I mean. Reviewers talk about having an exceptional wine tasting experience there. They have different wines available, but one person does say that there is one specific wine that is only made with their grapes. They use their grapes in the other wines, too, but they also use grapes from elsewhere. It would be fascinating to see what other wineries throughout the US do that as well.

The fifth attraction brings us right back to the city’s history. It is The Marshall House, and it is found on Edwards Ferry Road. Speaking of the restaurant article I wrote about earlier; a couple of the establishments were on that road. It sounds like you will be able to catch a great attraction and some great eats all in the same area.

There you have it, five remarkable things to do in Leesburg VA. You know after reading about those attractions that you are going to have an enjoyable time. That ferry ride might be a good place to start so you can scope out other wonderful places to go along the way.

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