Fun Things to Do in Manassas, VA

Although Manassas is a small town, it is a great place for a vacation. No matter whether you are looking for a fun place to go on a vacation with your special one or family, Manassas has a variety of attractions to offer that are suitable for every age. So, if you are traveling with your family, planning a romantic trip or simply visiting due to business, check out our list of fun activities to ensure your trip to this small Northern Virginia town turns into an unforgettable experience.

Virginia Wine Tour with Tastings

If you are planning a romantic trip in Manassas, you must go to a Virginia wine tour with tastings. Middleburg is a thriving wine region located between the Potomac to the north, and the mighty Blue Ridge Mountains to the west. Middleburg is best known for its excellent wines and spectacular vistas. You come here by a bus and hire a guide, or you can explore everything on your own. A guide will familiarize you with the wine production in Middleburg. After that, you can take a relaxing ride to the vineyards, and enjoy the epic views and scenery along the way. Three wineries are available to visit in the area. Here, you can learn more about the winemaking process and taste different wines. You can also visit a local restaurant, enjoy a gourmet meal and pair it with a delicious glass of wine.

Old Town Alexandria Food Tour

Old Town Alexandria is a historical site where you can learn a lot of things about American history and culture. However, if you are interesting in some other thing, such as tasting delicious food and drinks, many food tours are available to Manassas tourists. Old Town Alexandria has beautiful restaurants that serve both traditional and contemporary food. Most of them are long-standing family restaurants that have developed their own variant of local cuisine.

After you have finished your meal, you can take a stroll through the elegant mansions and charming row houses. The streets are tree-lined giving this town an additional touch of elegance and charm. All restaurants in this town have a very long tradition and rich ambiance. No matter what restaurant you choose, you won’t make a mistake, because beside tasty food, each restaurant offer to tell their story about the local food and people. This area is architecturally unique and it will perfectly satisfy your historical appetite. The food scene evolved for more than 250 years and it will certainly become an experience you will never forget.

Old Town Alexandria Haunted Pub

Learn more about the shady and dark part of Old Town Alexandria history by visiting a haunted pub and taking a self-guided ghost tour. Allow yourself to explore hidden alleyways and visit historic places and haunted buildings. In the evening, start your walk along the Alexandria waterfront and listen to creepy stories of local ghosts and some other hidden parts of history. If you hire a guide, you can hear many stories about deaths, murders and tragic love as you walk along historical streets of the Old Town. After you get tired, visit one of the four haunted bars and enjoy tasty beverages and ghost stories of these local establishments.

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