Laser Tag in Manassas VA

If you are looking a nice budget-friendly family vacation town, you should definitely visit Manassas in Northern Virginia. This small town in Northern Virginia is mostly known for its historical significance in the American Civil War. However, this suburban city is also developing into another direction. It is a great town for art lovers, foodies, and families that are looking for a relaxing but fun place to visit with their kids. If you visit this town with your kids, you must go to laser tag arena where you will have an unforgettable experience.

Safety and Comfort of the Arena

This laser tag arena is considered the most kid-friendly laser tag arena in the area. It is a perfect place for parents that have kids under ten years old. The arena is very big and comfortable, and it has plenty of space for kids to play. As a parent, you will feel comfortable, because although the arena is big, they will be within your sight. In other arenas, there are so many ramps and twists that you can easily lose your kid. However, you won’t have to worry about this problem here. If you really want to watch your kid play, they will let you into the arena and allow you to stand in the corner. Unfortunately, in other arenas, they will not let you do that. This laser tag arena has only one level that allows the kids to easily target other players. This is an important convenience because you won’t have to worry about your kid feeling lost or claustrophobic. On the contrary, kids will feel very comfortable going into the arena by themselves.

Although all laser tag arenas should be clean, unfortunately, they are not. However, at Manassas, the lobby and the party rooms are pristine clean and well lit. The bathrooms are also very clean. If you come here, you can be at peace knowing that your kid is playing in a clean and safe environment. The staff is very polite, and they will gladly assist you if you need something. The clientele is also very kid friendly.

Prices and Birthday Discounts

This arena is available for throwing children birthdays. The arena is also affordable for every budget. It is possible to throw a $120 birthday party if you have only eight kids and if they are playing only one laser tag game. In this price, pizza and drinks for the kids are also included. The cost will be higher if the parents want to join in and play and if you have more kids or need additional food. The game is charged $5 per kid. Of course, if your kid is having a birthday, you have several deals you can opt for if you shop around. To conclude, if you are visiting Manassas with your kids and you are looking for a clean, safe, reasonably priced place with loads of fun, you will definitely have a great time here. Milla’s Playland is also great if you have young kids because they have plenty of space infants and toddlers can play with.

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