Visiting the Mount Vernon Estate

If you are looking for fun things to do in Manassas VA,  other than shopping or checking out the local laser tag, you should go visit the Mount Vernon that is located on the banks of the Potomac River in Fairfax County. This estate is near Alexandria and just across Prince George’s County, Maryland so it is very close to your town. There are different bus tours that can take you there. Apart from visiting Mount Vernon estate, you should also visit Arlington National Cemetery.

Mount Vernon and Arlington National Cemetery

Mount Vernon was the plantation house of the first President of the United States George Washington, and his wife Martha Washington. The estate exists from 1674 but in 1739 it was significantly expanded. George Washington came into of Mount Vernon estate in 1754. If you decide to visit this location, you can enjoy the beauties of George Washington’s longtime residence. You can also drive through quaint Old Town Alexandria and continue your tour towards the Arlington National Cemetery.

This tour is perfect for history and art lovers as well as for everybody who want to spend a day exploring 18th century history and culture. All visitors have access to the main mansion, maids’ quarters, stables, and greenhouse. This manor has now turned into a museum and has more than 20 galleries at your disposal to visit and explore. There are more than 700 artifacts on display that speak about American history and culture in the 18th century. Self-guided tours are also available if you would rather explore the mansion on your own. Whatever you opt for, you will definitely have the feeling like you have traveled back in time. This is a unique opportunity to experience the life of the first president of America, and wonder through his 400-acre estate.

On your way to the Arlington National Cemetery, you can visit the historic Christ Church. This church was a colonial house of worship that has welcomed many famous guests, such as Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. Finish your tour by visiting the Arlington National Cemetery, where more than 300,000 soldiers and their families are buried. Two president of the US are also buried here. This is a great place to learn about heroism and sacrifices of American soldiers. Make sure you visit the Kennedy grave sites and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Once you satisfy your historical appetite, take some time to enjoy beautiful estate’s gardens and scenery of the Potomac River.

Mount Vernon by Bike and Boat

If you lose the outdoors and you are interested in experiencing a unique adventure, spend the day pedaling your way to Mount Vernon or exploring the riverfront mansion by a boat. Once you have visited the mansion and plantation grounds of Mount Vernon, you can go back to Manassas via a river cruise down the Potomac. You can go to Alexandria, pick a bike and take a ride to the Mount Vernon. After you arrive, you can spend the entire afternoon to enjoy at your leisure. You can either walk through the enormous mansion, grab something to eat, visit the mansion’s outbuildings to learn a little bit more about the lives of maids and blacksmiths, or you can simply take a stroll through the flower and vegetable gardens.


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