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Our home is one of the most significant investments we have made in our life, so it’s no wonder we get upset when experiencing a plumbing problem or an emergency in our home or business. Most homeowners can handle small problems like poor water pressure, a clogged drain, or a toilet that won’t seem to stop leaking, but when you are faced with an emergency like burst pipes or a water pump filtration issues, they must throw in the towel, and call an experienced professional to come to their immediate assistance. Although some plumbing repairs seem easy to handle, in reality, they are not. Unfortunately, many homeowners in the area cause more problems than they fix when they attempt to fix it alone. To avoid doing repeat jobs or inflicting additional damage to your plumbing system, you must hire an expert. iPlumb Home Services’ master plumbers are specially trained and experienced individuals that will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

High-Quality and Affordable Services

There is no need to handle a plumbing problem by yourself when you can get the best possible service in the area at an affordable price. You are probably wondering how we can keep such low prices for our services. We can provide a low-priced service because, instead of expensive advertising, we rely on word of mouth and loyalty of our clients. iPlumb provides repairs and service to the local market in Loudon County, and we don’t need as much advertising as we need the trust of our customers. Instead of investing in marketing, our primary investments go on providing you better services and in improving your overall customer experience. As one of the highest rated and trusted local plumbers in Virginia, we take a lot of pride in our work, and picture of Leesburg plumber working in basementwe will always make sure you have an amazing customer experience so you could continue spreading the good word.

Our Leesburg plumbers will respond to any of your residential and commercial needs and provide you the service the same day. Since our plumbers are highly trained, there won’t be a problem or a project that is too large or too complicated to complete. We understand your feeling when you are experiencing a problem or a plumbing emergency, and we will do our best to answer all your questions on your first call.

Our service technicians can handle both residential and commercial projects, and we are able to handle emergency calls 24 hours a day. When you need to find a plumber, we want to be the first and only call you ever make. From residential water heaters, toilets, showers, sinks, bathroom and kitchen replacements and repairs, to commercial pipe clearing and cleaning, we will do it all. 

Handling Minor Plumbing Problems by Yourself

As we already mentioned, it is okay to tackle smaller problems by yourself, even if you don’t have special tools. However, to perform this minor repair like a professional, make sure you follow our tips. Issues like a small leak, clogged drain or poor water pressure can be easily handled with some drain cleaner, a list of instructions and a little bit of confidence. Before we start, if there is a possibility that a minor leak can turn into a disaster, follow your intuition and contact a professional contractor immediately. However, typical situations like small leaks, poor water pressure, and clogged drains are usually safe for a do-it-yourself repair.

Clogged drains are one of the most annoying issues a homeowner can experience when dealing with their home. However, this problem can be easily solved by using the right approach. Before giving up and calling a plumber, try unclogging the drain with some hot water and a mix of baking soda and vinegar. If this mixture doesn’t help, try gently plunging it for a few minutes. If even this doesn’t help, try using chemical drain cleaners like Draino first, but be very careful not to breathe in the vapors when you open it. Also, make sure you wear gloves. We are confident that our tips will work if the drain isn’t clogged by a foreign object. If nothing works, there is no need to be scared or panic, just give us a call today,  and we will help you solve this annoying problem as quickly as possible.

Having troubles with a small leak, try fixing it by using Teflon tape or thread seal tape. First, you want to make sure you turn the water off in your home or business.  You should know where the main water valve is in your home. Have you found a small leak under your kitchen or bathroom sink, you will likely find a main valve in the cabinet below. Turn this off first. You then want to drain any excess water from the pipes. You simply open the faucets. You then want to dry the pipe with rag or towel so you can identify where the leak is exactly located, and after that, wrap the tape around it and apply epoxy to the damaged fixture. It is also wise to wrap Teflon tape around the male threads at the end of the leaking pipe. This is a temporary solution that most homeowners are able to handle.  If you are not able to handle the leak on your own, call us and we will quickly and permanently solve the problem.

We provide plumbing services in Leesburg for the following issues:

  • Pipe Clearing
  • Drain clearing
  • Bathtub installation and replacement
  • Hose pipe bib setup
  • Water heater leaks
  • Backed-up sewer lines
  • Plumbing maintenance
  • Insulation installment
  • Kitchen repairs and replacement to existing fixtures
  • Drain repair service
  • Shower repair service
  • Sink repair
  • Water pressure assessment 
  • Pressure tests to identify small leaks
  • Bathroom repair service
  • Water heater repair service
  • Shutoff repair service
  • Water sessions
  • Water pressure adjustments
  • Leak identification
  • Commercial and Residential Plumber 

Prepared To Handle Your Plumbing Emergency

Inexperienced homeowners will have a very hard time dealing with a plumbing emergency. If you are dealing with a potential disaster, call one of our master plumbers to identify the cause of the problem and remove it as fast as possible. As one of the best local plumbing contractors and highest rated, we provide 24-hour emergency services, especially if the problem may turn into a plumbing disaster. Household repairs seem rather stressful and dangerous, but since all of our experts are trained to work under pressure in these kinds of situation, we will approach the problem in the right way and handle it in no time.

If you think you might need to have a plumber visit your home, contact the professionals at  iPlumb Home Services today.  We are the plumbers in Leesburg homeowners have come to trust and rely upon, and we can provide you superior service at a great price. Contact us today to get a free written estimate. No matter how trivial the problem may seem to you, if you delay the repair, it will inevitably turn into a bigger issue that can cause more damage to your home. iPlumb Home Services is located at 19309 Windmeade Dr. #114, Leesburg, VA 20176. Call us at (571) 418-1349 to schedule your appointment.

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