Toilets aren’t extremely technical gadgets. They have extremely few components. There are just a few simple parts which can stop working with your toilet.

Typical Problems You May Have With Your Toilet

Water Keeps Running: In the case that your toilet keeps running, this signals that the water is continuing to run inside the tank, and one of the valves isn’t really working properly. Normally, this is manually setup when the toilet is installed. However, it is possible the float isn’t really rising high adequate to shut the ballcock valve. You can simply take the lid off of the toilet, and see how high the water level is rising.  If the water continues to run, be sure to look for any kinks in the little chain that connects the flapper valve and the stopper in the bottom of the toilet.

new toilet installation at Leesburg homeChange Seal: Amongst the most telltale signs identifying that you should alter out your toilet seal ring is an unpleasant smell.  Look at the base of your toilet for any discoloration or water leaking. If the seal has been worn out, you may start to notice an unpleasant odor that can be remedied with a new seal.

Clogs: If you find yourself with an obstruction, your first tool should always be a plunger. In case the plunger doesn’t unclog your toilet, you’ll need to make use of a snake which you should be able to find at any local hardware store. If you try both the plunger and also the toilet snake, and are still unable to obtain your toilet unclogged, then you will have to call iPlumb Home Services considering that your primary sewage line is more than likely backed up.

Toilet Not Flushing Properly: If you are flushing the toilet but the contents are not being removed, you likely are facing an issue with the amount of water in the toilet. You may need to simply adjust the amount of water which feeds into the toilet with each flush. This can be as easy making a few clockwise turns, or removing one of the links in the chain attached inside.

Loose Toilet: Although this usually isn’t a reason you would contact one of our Leesburg plumbers, this is a fairly common question we receive from homeowners.  If your toilet is moving a bit when you sit down or adjust, you likely have loose bolts connecting the toilet to the flooring in your bathroom. Simply use a wrench and tighten the bolts and you should be back on a solid foundation. The same holds true for the toilet seat.  In the rear of the toilet seat, there are two small screws covered by a plastic flap on most seats,  Simply pop open the top, place a wrench beneath the toilet on the bolt to hold it in place, and turn the screws with a screwdriver.

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