Water Treatment Systems and Testing In Leesburg

Hard water, iron, fluoride, sulfur, acidic water, and too much chlorine in the water could be a few of the issues you may be facing with the quality of the water within your home.  The city of Leesburg has many issues when it comes to water quality and iPlumb Home Services is capable of handling all of them for you. Call us today and inquire about our free water quality testing.

test of water quality in Leesburg houseThere continue to many occurrences of drinking water contamination that cause illness, long-term health issues, cancer and perhaps even death. Most notably was the well publicized drinking water issues the residents of Flint, Michigan were facing. Trying to decide upon a whole-house water treatment system could be confusing. However, whole-house water treatment systems might be more affordable than numerous units spread throughout your house. A complete house water treatment system is almost as easy to install as other appliance and has many advantages. In case you have a personal well, you should have actually testing carried out so as to select the proper whole-house water treatment systems. You do not want to take chances with the health of your family and the quality of the water they are drinking. Call iPlumb Home Services today for a complimentary water quality test.

You may have a few more questions about water softeners and water treatments. We wanted to answer some of the questions we receive on this subject below.

What Exactly Is Water Softener?

When you soften water, it is the process of removing the ions within the water that cause it to be hard.  In most instances, these ions are magnesium and calcium. You may often have water that will contain iron.  A water softener is a device placed in your home that removes all of the hard minerals before sending the water to its final destination.

How Does A Water Softener Work?

If you want to get technical, the process of softening water is called an ION exchange.  The main component of a water softener is the mineral tank, and you will also have a completely separate tank called a brine tank.  During the water softening process, salt is used to removed all of the hard minerals from the water.

How Do You Determine If You Have Hard Water?

Hard water is probably the most common water issue discovered in the home. Hard water spots your glasses and dishes, makes laundry dull, and causes soap scum and scale to build-up making cleaning a task. The most typical minerals that will trigger your water to be hard are Calcium and Magnesium that is dissolved in a water system.

According to the Water Quality Association, hard water is water which contains dissolved solidity minerals above 1 GPG (grains per gallon). Relative levels of solidity have been established:

Soft Water– less than 1 gpg
Somewhat hard– 1 to 3.5 gpg
Reasonably hard– 3.5 to 7 gpg
Difficult– 7 to 10.5 gpg
Extremely Hard– 10.5 and higher gpg

The application of magnets for remedying scale deposits and hard water is comparatively unfamiliar to the technology of plain water treatment, particularly when it is compared to the chemicals used for curing water. The reason behind that is because of all of the contaminants which exist within, even after it has been treated in the water treatment plants. Contact our experts today. Do not risk the safety of your family to these harmful contaminants.

In addition to providing you with help with your water softener, water treatment, and water testing in the city of Leesburg, Iplumb home services can also help you with repairs and replacement of your shower and kitchen sinks and faucets, clogged or blocked toilets, water main replacement and repair, now pipes for home additions and remodeling projects, water heater installation, sump pump installation, and much more.  We provide high quality service in Northern Virginia twenty four hours a day.  We have emergency plumbers on call ready to assist you with your next plumbing project.  Give us a call today and ask about our current promotion offering up to 10% off for new customers.

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