Shopping in Manassas 

Most people love going shopping, no matter if they are buying clothes or other items. If you decide to visit Manassas VA, it would be an excellent idea to purchase souvenirs for your friends and family. It doesn’t mean that you need to buy something with the name of the city all over it. You can get unique items that your friends will love. You can also buy some of these things for yourself, and place them in your living room or bedroom. They will remind you of your Manassas trip, and a great time you had there. 

Shining Sol Candle Company 

Many individuals love coming back to this place. It has a wide variety of candles to choose from. Their products can improve the interior of your home. You can pick from a vast selection of colors and scents. This store offers high-quality products, and it is not a surprise that they have many loyal clients. It is always super cute and smells fantastic. Also, all candles are made on-site. Although the shop is a bit small, it is well organized and spotless. If you decide to surprise your friends with decorative and nice-smelling candles, you won’t regret it. Additionally, the staff is fantastic, and they provide top notch customer service. You should be aware that candles are not only products that this company offers. They also have wood wicks, bath bombs, and bath salts. Don’t forget to visit this shop during your stay in Manassas VA. 

Iron Horse Antiques 

It is an excellent choice if you want to return home with a unique item. This store has two full levels of things, and you can search for the hidden treasure here. You never know when you can stumble across a unique and quite interesting item. It is an ideal place for people who enjoy hunting for antiques, and it has an ever-changing selection. Most of the things they offer include jewelry, pottery, china, and glassware, but you never know when you can find beautiful furniture and other things. It is a lot of fun as you never know what you can find in this shop. Also, the staff is accommodating and friendly. If you want to have a new and different shopping experience, you should visit Iron Horse Antiques. Bring your friends or family and search for valuables together.  

Calico Jack’s 

Another store that you should visit while in Manassas VA is Calico Jack’s. They have a wide variety of items for sale, including candles, soap, incense, and art objects. It is perfect if you want to surprise your loved ones with a lovely scented candle or body products. The staff is friendly and ready to help you with anything you might need. For example, they can recommend some products if you have no idea what to pick. No matter if you want a pure unscented soap or a charcoal soap, they have it. The entire shop smells nice, and it is very artsy. It is not a surprise that they have many loyal customers. 

If shopping isn’t your thing, there are many family friendly activities to take advantage of such as water parks, visiting some top restaurants, or learning about the history of the city at a local museum. 


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